Rules/Guidelines  & Equipment Used.

The following guidelines that I have set below are pretty much standard throughout the trading community and I must ask that you abide by these.If there is a problem or you have any questions regarding these rules,feel free to ask.

No trades over 10 CDs or so unless I know you or we have dealt before.There are exceptions,just let me know and we can work it out.

B&P and 2:1 trades:

At this point I am only doing CD-R for CD-R trades.I am not accepting B&P or 2:1 trades at the moment.I apologize,but I do have a full time job outside of this site so time is very limited.

DAO and audio extraction:

This is by far the most important rule and you will find that most people demand this as well.DAO(disk-at-once) prevents the 2 second gaps between tracks so that there no silence or interuption of the music.This is especially important when it comes to live music. I will not tolerate TAO and even clicks or pops between tracks is considered "uncool" . Please take the time to check your CDs and copies before sending them off.This will help prevent any misunderstandings.

Keep in mind that occasionally some CDs that I have recieved in trade may have a minor flaw or two.Although the majority are fine,I don't have control over what people send me.But if there is an issue then I will be sure to let you know first and I will try to correct any problems before shipping.

Lately, audio extraction has been an issue and I think it is important to bring up here.Please do not burn your CDs "on the fly".I don't care what kind of hardware you have, it does'nt matter.To help insure that the audio does not get currupted during recording,you must copy an image to you hardrive first.Alot of folks use EAC which helps in this process but some burning software has this feature built in.One thing to note:Please do not save individual tracks when using EAC or any other program.It is important to extract the whole image at once with a cue sheet,this will help prevent track "clicks"

Setlist and Source info:

When ever possible,please provide any info you have regarding the source.Like equipment used,including mics.,lineage and setlist.I understand that this is not always available but at least try to have a setlist for me.

MP3 & .SHN recordings:

MP3 based recordings are not accepted(unless noted-MB20 2008 & RT 09 tour).This is a degrading format and it does effect the quality of the music.Please do not try to pass along a show that is MP3 based.There are ways to tell and such actions will cause you to be listed as a bad trader.

I also want to make a comment on this new .SHN/FLAC format that everyone is using.Although this is a "lossless" format,I do not collect or prefer this at all.I know alot of folks swear by this but I do not like any forms of compression and I try to avoid it as much as possible.However,I will except this format if nothing else is available and you provide equal CDs in trade regardless of format.Most importantly,the files must verify "ok" with the checksums,if not you are a bad trader.

Media type:

Currently,I use unbranded Taiyo Yuden 80 minute CD-Rs (made in Japan).I do not expect the same in return but I must ask that you use grade "A" media.Please do not use Memmorex,Maxell or any type of generic CD-R like CompUSA brand.Typically these cause problems but if you do use some off brand and feel it may be a problem then let me know.I will try to work something out.

Also,as I stated before,I am only doing CD-R trades but on occasion I will exept DAT in exchange.This is only if you do not have any other way of providing digital media.I don't trade the same due to cost but I will trade CD-Rs in return.


If you contact me first then I will expect you to ship first before I send you anything unless we have dealt before.
Once a trade is finalized,we both will ship at the same time.The usual turnaround for me is 3-5 days.Sometimes even sooner.However I do work full time so please be patient if it's a little longer.I will expect the same from you as well.But to be sure I will stay in e-mail contact until everyone is happy.

The standard for shipping is first class mail.I do not ship jewel cases so don't bother.They just get damaged anyway and the cost is more.However ,please be sure to use some type of padded envelope or mailer with bubble wrap.I will also send the CDs in a protective sleeve so they won't get scatched.

Also,please do not write on the CDs themselves.Just put whatever info you have on a piece of paper for each CD.


I do not send artwork,not including the C.S.P. releases,but there are a few shows that I can send if they are ones you have requested.I will certianly let you know if this is the case.Of course,if you have any feel free to send it along

In the event that there is artwork available,then I will usually send it via e-mail or give you an online link to download it. If your mail server cannot handle more than a meg then be sure to let me know.I will print it out for you but it will be on standard paper.

Bad Traders:

So far,so good.However,I do not want to put up a list and I hope that you folks will be honest too.Unfortunately there are always a few bad apples and I have been ripped off before.So,I do check current "bad trader" lists.In the event that I find you on one,I will let you know and arrangments will have to be made first.

Having read all of the rules above,then I am assuming you fully understand and will follow them accordingly.Thank you.

Hardware & Software:

In case you are curious,this is what I currently use:

Dual Pentium 3 700Mhz
1 GB 133Mhz Ram
Seagate 18 gig SCSI hardrive
Adaptec dual channel Ultra160 SCSI card
Plextor Ultraplex Wide 40X SCSI CD-ROM
Sony external firewire DVD burner
SoundBlaster Live Platnium sound card
Rage Fury Pro 32 MG video card
Tyan Motherboard-S1834/Tiger 133
Not to mention a few other things that are not relevant.

The latest versions of the following software:

Nero Burning-Rom
Cool Edit Pro
PLus other common utilities

Home Recording & Rack Mount Hardware:

Sony MDS-JB940 Minidisc home deck unit
Nakamichi MR-1 Cassette tape deck
Behringer SRC2496 A/D Converter
Tascam DA-40 DAT deck

Portable Stealth Recording Hardware

First Rig:
Sharp 702 portable minidisc recorder
Core Sound binaural mics.

Second Rig:
Sony TDC-D8 DAT recorder
Sound Pro SP-CMC-7 Premium Slimline Audio Technica Cardioid mics

Third Rig:
Edirol R-09
Sound Pro SP-CMC-7 Premium Slimline Audio Technica Cardioid mics.