Welcome to the CD-R trading page and the home of C.S. Productions

Here you will find my current trade list as well as official releases from C.S. Productions. C.S.P. was created to provide a label for certain live recordings that were not made available until now.

With the help of a few friends, I have managed to put together some releases for your enjoyment. Of course,nothing here that you see on this site is for sale. No profit is being made, nor was it ever intended that these are to be sold for personal gain.

Anything you see on this site is for trading purposes only and any requests to buy or purchase something here will be promptly ignored. Please do not ask.

Having said that, please take the time to look at my trading rules first before contacting me. Thanks.

Last updated:11-3-19
8 years later after my last update and this site is still here. Well folks, if you are reading this then maybe you are one of the few that still cares about these sites and what they contain. Basically, I do not trade anymore unless you have something of serious interest. If you want something anyway, then you can conta
ct me with my updated email addy and I will send you a link to download something from my list depending on time and availibility. I am very very busy and I have been slowly trying to get my collection fully archived and to a place that I can store in the cloud. A lot has changed, inlcuding my collection which is a full time job, and I am semi-retired from taping so if you need something then you can hit me up, I'll try to get back to you in a timely manner. Thanks.