As time and the years have past by, I have come across many old collections, tapers with various sources that need to be transfered to CD. In some cases, I have been asked to help in this department which is always fun for me to and can be beneficial to both parties.
Some folks may not have the time, proper equipment or perhaps have lost interest in collecting but the tapes still sit and over time these tapes can potentially go bad. To help preserve the integrity of some of these historic recordings, I am willing to properly transfer them to CD so they can be saved in the digital world forever. Obviously the source has to be close to the master recording or preferably the actual master tape when possible. Of course this doesnt always apply if it's a rare recording to begin with.

Clearly I am interested in the bands from my list although I can make exceptions in this department because I am willing to transfer anything rare thats good...
So basically you would have to send me your tapes. You can send whatever you are comfortable with and how many is up to you. Once I get your tapes, I will let you know and start to work on them. Some folks have offered me to keep their tapes which again is up to you. If you want your tapes back, then I will send them back as quickly as I get them done. You will also get CDs in return with your tapes. Or if you just want the CDs then I will only send those.
Digital tapes, minidiscs and/or masters are transfered via digital cable into my main workstation so you get a pure digital copy to CD.
Analog tapes are loaded though the same dedicated rack system which is next to my main workstation.

Typically no EQ mastering is done unless absolutely necessary.If thats the case I will notify you first before proceeding. This is usually when the sound is seriously clipped,distorted or overloaded with some kind of heavy frequencies. Otherwise the typical process is to digitally load them and properly bring any level issues back up to 0 db so the sound is up to par. This includes fixing gaps, pops or other anomilies that exist. Once any level corrections are done, the show is then indexed properly and burned to CD with proper fades at the start and end of each disc.

Usually I will back up all media with DAT clones for myself in the event you want your originals back. So there will always be a back up copy here for you. Once this is all done I will promptly send your media and new CDs back and I will keep in contact with you through out the entire process so you know how things are going and when to expect your package safely.

So if you have an old tape collection, some master tapes sitting around or something you'd like for me to transfer to CD then please drop me an email. I would love to help you out and preserve some history.